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Amit Arora
Amit Arora
nal AG
The Journey:Early days to How I got here

Started my career by working with NIIT technology and now possess 11 years of IT experience with a proven track record of delivering projects on multiple technologies with area of expertise in Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics.  He has worked as VP in Risk IT division of RBS GBM and has managed, delivered various MI Reporting tactical and strategical projects. Currently working as Director of Technology at Foresight Group International AG.

Decisions that mattered

Keeping me always updated on latest technologies by maintaining my USP of successful projects delivery record.  At the same time, I have always kept in mind that technologies are build around business hence it is always important to understand what business needs, why the need and how they will use it.

Work and Role: Then and now

- Successfully delivered key strategical project of Credit Risk Reporting and implementing other Investment and BAU projects in the capacity of various roles over the period of last 4.5 years as Technical Lead, Architect and Delivery Manager (current role).
- Has build strong functional knowledge-base of Investment Banking especially in Credit Risk.
- Has also changed the way how projects are managed and delivered from requirement generation to system delivery.
- Got exposure to work on multiple data-warehousing, BI and Analytics tools and technologies.
- Currently evaluating and designing Data Virtualization layer.
- Has built a strong technology team in data-warehousing, BI and Analytics.
Two years down the line

Delivering projects around these technologies with preference to work on BI and Analytics projects in emerging trends like Data Virtualization, Data Visualization, In-Memory Data Analytic and Big Data Analytic.
Trends to watch out for Technology

- Advanced Analytics
- Data Virtualization
- In-memory data analytic
- Columnar-based databases
- Big Data Analytics using noSQL systems based on hadoop, hbase and hive
My advice if you are starting out

- Ask questions and challenge others
- Understand problem better before suggesting any solutions
- Build understanding and trust
- Empower Others!

Must have skills in BI.. As I see them

- Change in traditional enterprise data-warehouse systems
- Adoption of data virtualization and/or data-warehouse appliances
- Row-based data storage to columnar-based and/or noSQL systems based on hadoop etc.

Do we need certifications?

Personally, I don't think certifications provide any extra value other than what you learn while preparing for certifications.
Books/Websites I recommend

•  Effective Oracle by Design by Thomans Kyte
•  Data Mining and Predictive Analysis: Intelligence Gathering and Crime Analysis by Colleen McCue Ph.D. Experimental Psychology
•  Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning by Thomas H.Davenport

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