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Ajay Patwari
Ajay Patwari
The Journey: Early days to How I got here

 I started my career in the year 1994 as a PowerBuilder developer and I have worked on various tools.My primary focus was on databases. I continued to work on databases, and then in the year 2000 I started working on BI projects, providing solutions on ETL & warehouse design and have been working in that domain ever since.

Decisions that mattered:

The important career decision that I have made is moving from conventional java development to the BI world.

Work and Role: Then and now

In my recent role I was providing BI solutions to Products and working with products. This had some unique challenges like providing support across various operating systems and dbs as opposed to my previous role as a PowerBuilder Developer. In the beginning of your career, your responsibilities are well defined. As you grow professionally, especially in BI, responsibilities have grown exponentially and have added complexity, due to collaboration issues with different groups across the organization.

Two years down the line:

In a couple of years from now I would like to see myself involved in doing more research in the Business Intelligence domain and also work on providing intuitive and affordable solutions to the clients.

What I learnt along the way:

One of the most important lessons that I have learnt in my professional life is to follow customers closely and to understand their core issues.

Trends to watch out for

The technology trends that I have been watching in the business Intelligence domain are affordable predictive Analytics & open source tools.

My advice if you are starting out:

I would advise anyone who would want to start off as a BI professional to understand Business transactional data; I would also recommend them to enhance their DB skills and also to have good data clarity because data clarity will take a BI professional to new heights.

Books I recommend:

The book I would recommend for someone who would want to make a career and excel in BI is Kimball tool kits.

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