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eBay Inc., Brilliant Use of Business Intelligence

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 06 December 2012, 10:33 Hrs
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Bangalore: eBay Inc., is known to be the second largest retailer in the world and since it has occupied such a big position, the company churns out loads of information every day. Managing and improving this data to gain customer satisfaction and prevent fraud can prove to be a big headache. The use of BI has made this job quick and easy, placing the company in the third position on the list of Hadoop users. The other first and second positions are occupied by Yahoo and Facebook respectively.

Yahoo has been using the Hadoop application since February 2008, and claimed to have launched the largest Hadoop production application. Yahoo Search Webmap, which is a Hadoop application, runs on Linux cluster. Yahoo also contributes back to the Open Source community. The Yahoo developers fix bugs and release the source codes so that the users don’t have any problems while using it. Facebook grabbed the second position with 21PB of data storage. Since then it has been increasing its quantity of data gradually every year.

Tom Fastner, senior member of technical staff and architect at eBay Inc. said to John Tullett on that, "We've been doing enterprise data warehousing for 10 to 12 years, experiencing 40% to 100% growth every year.” He further added saying, "We track 170 million keywords, and figure out how much we’re willing to bid at Google, Bing and others to ensure we hit the top-five ranking. We do a daily batch, and deliver a file to Google and other search engines at 9am with updates.” Analytics driven search contributes directly to the bottom line.

eBay Inc. has teamed up with vendors on the basis of product development to remove the limiting boundaries of performance and efficiency in cost. The organization has been able to analyze petabytes of data daily which meant there has been some creativity to store this data.

Fastner further stated that “We have 350 million active items and 100 million active users. We know everything that every user did for the last 10 quarters. We know exactly what they saw on the screen - even if you just browse, we know the 50 items that were displayed to you. That leads to quite interesting analytics.”

The organization has been focusing on speed and flexibility as well. eBay Inc. feels proud about the fact that they have been able to facilitate development by the data involved. They are also successful in providing agile but not unmanaged data.

"The biggest DBA nightmare is CPU and IO. Queries against those objects are the most intensive you can imagine. From the consumption perspective, we have a program in place that gives every VP and organization a CPU budget," Fastner added finally.

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