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Top 9 Business Intelligence Trends to Watch Out For

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 28 June 2012, 10:24 Hrs
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Bangalore: The traditional idea about BI being only an important part of a business organization planning and decision process is vanishing. Recently, BI has gone mobile, thereby moving out of the boundaries of the workplace. Business organizations today require real time information which needs to be accessible from any devices and at anytime.

"I think there are three electric waves, if not tsunamis, that are striking the technology world right now, and they're remaking everything. One of them is the mobile network transformation, the second is the cloud network transformation, and the third is the social network transformation," said Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

1. Mobile BI
Business Intelligence is slowly adopting mobile devices into their day to day function. Executives are always connected with the tools that facilitate business decisions. Gartner, in one of the research found that by 2013, mobile BI would replace one-third of the total BI usage.

2. Collaborative BI
The popularity of social media has led to the internet being an ideal collaboration platform.   Social media like orkut, facebook or twitter will act as a stage for customers to post their feedbacks about a product.

3. Self Service BI
End users are evading the IT department to obtain what they want. Self Service Bi will let users create Business Intelligence solutions that they will require.

4. Agility
Agility will lead to a good BI solution. Business organizations should be able to include any new technical enhancement or capability to their existing BI application.  

5. Cloud BI
Though adoption is slow, however analysts believe that cloud is the future. Cloud BI also promises a 100% uptime and cost effective in terms of maintaining an in-house hardware.
"The significance of the cloud network tsunami is that we're seeing incredible, almost unlimited computing power being unleashed into the cloud where it can be accessed on demand in real time, in an ad hoc fashion by any random person," Saylor added.

6. Embedded BI
Embedded BI is an important aspect of an application which will subsequently add value to the customer. Michael Lock in his Aberdeen survey found that 53 % of the 174 respondents stated that the major benefit of using embedded BI is the speed of adoption and the ease of deployment.

7. Need for Speed
End users expect faster information from their BI solution. This increase in the demand for speed will replace traditional data warehouse with real-time BI architectures.

8. Analytical Skills
McKinsey Global Institute in 2011 predicted that by 2018, United States will face shortage of “1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.”

9. Interactive Data
End users will expect interactive and graphical representation of data in their organization. There by making interactive data visualisation an important tool to help executives make important decisions.

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