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Recruiters Emphasize on Analytical Skills in 2013

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 10 January 2013, 13:13 Hrs
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Bangalore: Are you of the opinion that a career in big data won’t bring you any money? 2013 could be the year that you are proved wrong. reports on a recent survey by Dice that reveals that big data skills are in demand, and this demand is growing.

Jobs linked with Big Data scored high among the top IT skills on the wish list of hiring executives for 2013, states the new study from career site

Jobs related to big data such as data analytics that did not make it to the top 10 skills list in 2012, were ranked fourth and are considered as a priority by hiring managers and recruiters. The survey was conducted among more than 1000 tech-linked recruiters. This also brings to mind earlier reports by Gartner which predicted a boom in Big data related jobs and revenue. Gartner analysts estimated that by 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs would be generated worldwide to support big data; though they did warn that the talent required to fill the available positions would not suffice and that only one third of the job positions were likely to be filled.

While many trend observers within the industry itself have been unsure about big data; chiefly because it is still an abstract concept, but the demand for analytics is a new emergent trend stated Alice Hill, Managing Director of Analytics was placed in fourth position behind Java/J2EE developers, mobile developers and .NET developers. This is a reflection of the fact that every industry sees big data as a competitive advantage.

"To me, that does not say 'hype'", Hill furthered. "Opportunities range from data analysts who work with complex streams of data and compile trend reports, to high-end data scientists at the Ph.D. level with a strong background in natural language processing and forecasting analytics."

The capability of going through and organizing large quantities of data or big data could be a matter of survival in the competitive world for industries in every vertical.

With just over 900 job postings, data analytics/analysts is not the hottest job title on Dice, but the trend resembles that of cloud and mobile when they first started trending, which is "a good indicator of its trajectory," claimed Dice's Hill. Hill advises on that techies seeking to take advantage of the demand for analytics talent need to educate themselves.

Tech professionals who do not have a job in hand or are between jobs, “noting how your past work tied to the business goals of the company can highlight your ability to strategize,” Hill advised. “Being unemployed is anything but downtime. This is an opportunity to sharpen or acquire new skills by taking classes related to data analytics or volunteering at a local small business that needs help managing large amounts of data.” This does underscore the general sentiment in the industry that more education will only empower.

What needs to be noted is that technology professionals must find ways to specialize to stay ahead in the game.

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