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Nucleus Research: Business Intelligence Adoption to Double by 2013

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 22 November 2012, 05:26 Hrs
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Bangalore: Nucleus Research predicted that by 2013, the BI adoption would be doubled. Seeing the low cost SaaS and cloud options, Nucleus claimed that the coming year will be a turning point for BI and enterprise. The increase in rate of data savers and the non-technical data users find big data tools and analysis useful for them.

Principal Research Analyst, Hyoun Park stated on InformationWeek that even though BI is going to double, the regular use of analytics use came to 20-40 percent within most enterprises. Although it may take a longer time to reach 100 percent adoption, the way it is growing implies that BI will be fully adopted very soon.

Park said, “Analytics is no longer just the play toy of the mathematical genius. The Nate Silvers and Billy Beanes of the world-smart people with specific business insights will drive the next generation analytics insight as adoption continues it’s the realization that nearly all business decisions can be data-based.”

According to Nucleus Research there is another prediction for 2013 in connection to BI. With the integration of new software and multiple acquisitions, the sellers are trying to keep a hold of it. The transfer of data can be made easy by the new tools but it’s about how to deliver the right information to the right people. The firm also points that several hurdles in the coming years are:

1. Drop in customization because of maintenance costs

2. Inspection over security investment in IT

3. BYOD controls and security may lead to corporate-based devices

4.  A steep rise in the usage of edge application for the purpose of updating ERP

5. M&A surrounding CRM and customer experience and Shift in the market leadership,
Brian Pereira wrote on that, enterprises look for BI solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain, administer and use. It should have a good query response rate and easy reporting tools. Information gathered from various sources should be relevant and well integrated to get faster adoption among all enterprise users.

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