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Is Big Data Diminishing?

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 27 February 2013, 06:29 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: The future of Big Data is in dark. John A. De Goes, CEO of Precog on claims the end of Big Data. He holds the vendors most responsible as the product (storage and analytics) they sold to the companies were obsolete. The marketing of these outdated technology and calling it Big Data is responsible for the down fall of Big Data. The vendors took full advantage of the Venture capital funds companies allotted to invest on the Big Data and instead of providing solutions or applications which are updated and compatible, they provided something which was ancient. The investment on these archaic technology lead to the death of Big Data.

Now the suggestion here is to look beyond Big Data. Beyond just the quantity, rapidity, spontaneity, accuracy and authenticity of data; now the organizations should focus on the aptitude, tools and technology which are fairly innovative and fresh. The basic idea is to not only depend on the past data but to accelerate the growth by putting the energy on the “advance”. The companies should not replace Big Data but innovate something new from the different slots available. Instead of finding solutions from one Big Data, the focus should be on inventing technologies precise and specific to the problem or department.

John A. De Goes also throws light on some of the other terms which will gain momentum in future. These technologies are namely Smart Data, Data Science, New SQL and Predictive Analysis.

The companies rather than depending on human analytics to analyze the data, they are analyzing the machine-captured data like Predictive analysis. This advance form of analysis helps in making the most out of the patterns and statistics. The predictive analysis helps in incorporation, fraud exposure, endorsements and ad targeting. This is known as Smart Data.

Data Science is also the usage of techniques to read the stats, tables, and language processing & computer science. The goal of Data Science is to create new data products. Predictive analysis is the phenomenon of analyzing the old data to predict future events. PA helps in changing trends, fraud detection and predicting murders by analyzing behavior pattern of person with a tendency to commit murders or social harm. These are certain advantages of new technologies beyond Big Data.

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