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Increasing The Efficiency Of Business Intelligence

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 21 February 2013, 06:56 Hrs
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Bangalore: Business Intelligence (BI) are the tools and systems that help in the strategic planning and process of the corporation/company. Mark Smith who is responsible for the overall direction of Ventana Research, states in smartdata collective that the most vital function of Business intelligence is usability, as a result it turns out to be an effective tool for the analysis of data, processing and reporting it, but on the contrary business intelligence needs improvisation in itself, as in improving the capabilities within, and usage of advance software to enhance its operating abilities. If the business intelligence is updated then the company accelerates. A few communication improvements would help companies better utilize the BI information.

  Main focus of BI advancements is on the analysts, the suggestion here is to shift the focus on notification of the issues critical to the people of the specific department, the access of BI should be made as simple as browsing the directory. It should deliver to the people specific, through notifications or email alerts as to probe the action in the specific area of responsibility. Thus reducing the time consumed in dealing and rectifying the problem. This can be done through using the mobile technology.

This suggestion is to aid the pictorial representation of the analysis by Business intelligence, with some sort of written documentation of the problem. Addition of bullet points, small texts as hints next to the charts and tables will improve the understanding of the analysts. The summary of the data should also be added to the end as to increase the ease of accepting the problem. Presenting data in charts/tables along with the readable texts gives a better conception of the issues. This sort of aid also helps identify the individual’s role required to amend the issues.

Rather than making the work force to adapt with the BI, on the contrary the BI software should be added with more communication and collaboration capabilities so that it adapts to the people it works for. The BI software vendors should include these collaborative capabilities, and should also support all business roles, not only analysts. Usage of smarter tools should be pushed such as visual discovery.  Business intelligence should be made communicative and collaborative so as to make it easier for the functionality of the analytics. IT departments should start using business intelligence software instead of spread sheets and presentation software. These are small measures to keep BI user friendly and efficient.

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