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How To Succeed With Business Intelligence

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 28 June 2012, 10:49 Hrs
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Bangalore:  A Business Intelligence Implementation is still met with many challenges in this day. For BI to be accepted more widely in any organization, it should be clear to everyone that BI is an enterprise project and not just an IT project.

A BI strategy also has many other costs including educating all users about BI and showing them statistical evidence to show that a BI solution will work. It is vital to put together the right project team from bottom to top and to hire an efficient project manager. A proper training for all team members pre and post implementation will ensure that the team is prepared to face challenges along the way. There will be a need for continuous planning throughout the early stages of an implementation as BI project work tends to be iterative, incremental, integrated and complex. There will be need for effective communication among all the team members regarding the role of each individual and how they will collaborate. Also the collaboration between IT and business teams is important. You need to know if usage of a collaborative tool in the BI solution is required.

Some tactical planning suggestions made by Millbrook, a BI solution provider include:

1.  Thorough interview and investigation of vendor to ensure they have the right data experience and can provide a good BI solution

2.  Review the solution provider’s documentation and templates to ensure it passes all standards.

3.  Get management procedures/stipulations issued in the contract

4.  Plan ahead for data anomalies.

To fill up the technical positions in the BI team, you will need a spectrum of talent to face whatever challenges BI brings along the way. This will include data and business analysts, processing source system experts, BI developers, testing and validation specialists and BI architects.

The most critical position is that of the Technical Project Manager. He/She must have expert project management skills and proven experience. He/She will have to be flexible and serve as a collaborator and a facilitator, rather than a driver or delegator. This position will have to be a neutral facilitator between IT and business. He/She will have to ensure that all team members and stakeholders are
continuously informed, educated and committed to the BI programme.

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