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Five Mobile Business Intelligence Traps to Avoid

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 01 May 2012, 05:55 Hrs
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Mobile Business Intelligence plays a vital role in many businesses. There was a dramatic change within two years that 80 percent of users anticipated to access BI utterly on their mobile devices. As the need of mobile BI is rising, businesses are in high demand.

True Feature Parity: When Mobile BI is introduced, users expected the luxury features that they enjoy on their laptops and PC’s. Unfortunately, mobile BI currently doesn’t allow actions like "drag-and-drop." So users’ never had the same experience. To meet the expectation, mobile BI apps should leverage device-specific controls and gestures that allow zooming in and out and should make use of large buttons and easy navigation to make the experience as user-friendly as possible.

Ignoring mobile design standards: BI app at the very least can adjust to font sizes, charts and buttons to accommodate a smaller screen size. App on the smartphone will have entirely different requirements than tablet. A 9inch tablet can display an entire dashboard at once, but for a smart phone, it’s limited.  As mobile BI grows in popularity, organizations undoubtedly design their dashboards and reports with mobile in mind, enabling even easier deployment.

Releasing it to everyone: Before progressing mobile BI, it should be understood that who will  benefit more and the amount of support IT organizations need to provide. Accounting managers, research analysts, etc. as they work behind desk, are not suitable to opt for this. Executives who often travel, sales road warriors, and roving plant or store managers will be benefited from mobile BI because the tasks they'll be using it for are quick and less time consuming.

Underestimating data security concerns: IT departments really need to secure the data if the devices are lost or third-parties access the data, once it is mobile-enabled. Some devices need to have detailed security plan prior to implementation which includes how devices will be secured, how data transmission will be secured and how users will be authorized and authenticated. Security preparation will need to be handled internally by IT department. Many mobile BI solutions utilize the same security infrastructure and permissions as BI platform.

Focusing on wrong application: Mobile BI works similar to smartphone or tablet PC, where it can quickly access blogs, exchange text messages and perform searches for bursts of information. It provides limited analytical capabilities. A full-on analysis-based model works better on laptops and PCs, as they have speed and power for long, complicated analysis, without giving users "mobile carpal tunnel."

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