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Business Intelligence isn't working?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 21 July 2011, 14:20 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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As much as one would like to generalize that business intelligence inevitably leads to better business results through better business decisions, the truth remains that this is not always the case.
Many organizations which incorporated B.I into their work in the hope of better , quicker decision making , have in fact found it a tad more difficult , complicated and costly then they had anticipated.
While we certainly cannot say every organization is totally dissatisfied with it, total satisfaction seems elusive too. Partially satisfied seems the answer that is closest to reality.
So, what are these factors which prove detrimental to the success of business intelligence?
Analysis has lead to the zeroing in of five most common B.I problems.

Lack of business strategy

The corporations using B.I should know exactly how having B.I will contribute towards specific business benefits. How B.I will be instrumental in driving their business value.
This must clearly be spelt out before the organization decides to use B.I as a tool for growth. Confusion in regards to these basic issues renders BI useless.

Lack of B.I readiness

Business intelligence would add no value to the results of an organization if it is not 'B.I ready'.
But the question is, when is an organization 'not' B.I ready?
Here is a list of possible reasons
->poor identification and management of the risks associated with B.I initiatives.
->poor data availability
The quality of information that can be provided by B.I is limited to the quality of data available.
->unclear organization goals.
-> lack of people with necessary BI skills within the organization
->There is a lack of understanding of the change management challenges
People don't like to change.Change is resisted if the situation demands. People have a tendency to prefer the known 'old and less efficient way' to the unknown 'new quicker and simpler way'.

Lack of direction

Data acquiring is an integral part of BI and when we are talking about acquiring data , we are talking about multiple data warehouses/data repositories/BI environments, multiple BI tool sets, and multiple user communities.BI is accompanied in a number of uncoordinated projects .
We could get multiple numbers for the same question, depending on who is answering our question. Because different people would use different BI systems to obtain the number.
BI projects are not completed on time due to elaborate data mining and collection.
Multiple projects essentially do the same thing leading to wastage of time.
It remains unclear to the investors which BI projects get approved/funded and why.

Lack of execution

When some of the BI users were asked about their experiences with BI, the answers ranged from BI applications not being easy to use to query response time being very high.
Some of the users complain of the reports not being available on time.
The summary of this feedback is that BI applications that run slowly break frequently, are hard to use, deliver uncertain results, take longer to build and cost more than they should.

Lack of BI impact

This problem talks about an all too familiar scenario observed in corporations today, lack of clarity.
Organizations which have invested in BI are unsure about the impact B.I has had on their business.
The key decision makers of the organization don't often use information from this system and are sometimes totally oblivious of its existence.
Not all of the features of BI are totally used. Due to which there is little or no change in the business results.

Consequently, they feel reluctant to further invest into business intelligence.

In conclusion it must be made clear that BI is not detrimental to your business, it is just challenging to implement it completely. And these challenges are not without their respective solutions. The key is to be aware of the possible hindrances we could face while implementing BI into your business and be ready with a solution in place for each of the challenges.
All in all BI is too useful a tool to be discarded, only it has to be handled well.

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1: perfectly put. only companies who are bi-ready must go for bi. the challenge is go bi-ready
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