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By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 05 July 2012, 08:51 Hrs
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Bangalore: Are IT pros getting calls for help from Business Intelligence users outside the usual marketing and finance realm? A new survey by Dresner Advisory Services measures the growing uses of BI and analytics in human resources, research and development, supply chain management and a variety of other corporate functions.

Datamation states the reason for a rise in usage of new BI applications by the “other” category in the survey results table below:

Source: Dresner Advisory Services, 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Half of the respondents in the survey were IT professionals, approximately a fifth were senior executives from several non-IT departments, and the remaining either had roles in sales, marketing, finance, R&D, operations or other corporate functions. They belonged to a broad spectrum of industries such as high tech, health care, consulting and financial services. Close to half of the respondents were from organizations having at least 1,000 employees, although extremely small and extremely large organizations were also well represented.

The usage of BI in non-traditional arenas recently can be attributed to a number of factors, including ease of use and lower cost (due to cloud-based offerings). This ‘other’ category comprises business executives and managers, according to Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services.

Dresner reports that BI usage is growing substantially in the HR, supply chain and the R & D departments. While bio-statisticians in pharmaceutical companies have been using BI to sort through clinical trial data to identify new drug uses, isolate side effects and gain insights from drug test results, BI use has now spread to many other R&D applications.

“The proliferation of multiple BI tools continues to accelerate as various lines of business independently invest in solutions,” Dresner states in his report. “Nearly half of the largest organizations reported the use of four or more tools.”

The survey data might actually be under-reporting the extent of BI tool purchases- cloud BI adoption specifically. While there is an abundance of cloud-based BI vendors, they haven’t yet made a huge impact on the market. “They have a lot of users in a small number of organizations, though we believe there is great potential moving forward,” he observes.

Soon most organizations will be employing BI in some form or the other and many departments will be adopting it. There will be talk of Big Data, predictive analysis, Data warehousing and Efficient reporting everywhere you look.

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