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Big Data Potential: Still Untapped?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 14 December 2012, 12:08 Hrs
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Bangalore: Although there is a lot said about Big data, most organizations are unable to understand the potential it could have to drive growth, commented executives of HP at a recent event. AMEinfo reported on how unlocking value will become essential.

Although the concept of Big Data may seem simple enough- big data sets and big analytics, opportunities linked with it are just being realized, and too slowly. Due to the advances in technology, massive quantities of data can now be stored easily; cloud has started a revolution. This unstructured data can give important indications about how customer experience can be improved.

However not all about Big Data is as clear as crystal. It is difficult for vendors to differentiate between the hype and the facts, stated June Manley, Director of Information Optimisation Solutions, while speaking at the HP's annual Discover event in Frankfurt, Germany.

Manley simplified the true nature of Big Data and told AMEinfo that if data is hard to understand or analyze, it is Big Data.
HP’s research indicated that businesses (both large and SME) have admitted that they are not appropriately able to make use of data.

Now more than ever, there is a strong need for CIOs to collaborate with IT and the rest of the executives to derive practical benefit from Big Data. Managing data from different centres will become an important trend. There is no more a need to pull data into one data warehouse. Data from different sources can be analyzed and quickly due to the magic wand- Hadoop!

Presently the role of the CIO has changed from budget management to proper resource allocation. Organizations will have to use analytics now for tracking sales, CRM systems, social media exchanges, and consumer feedback.. The insights that they gain will help them take better actions. There needs to be greater emphasis on the value of data. Only then will companies be able to use opportunities in the future and develop a stronger infrastructure.

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