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"Big Data" Bundle From SAP Capitalizes on Power of Hadoop

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 12:46 Hrs
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Bangalore: SAP has announced integration of Apache Hadoop into real-time data warehousing environments with a new “big data” bundle and go-to-market strategy with Cloudera, Hitachi Data Systems, Hortonworks, HP and IBM. The offering is based on the flagship SAP HANA platform and combines the SAP Sybase IQ server, SAP Data Integrator software and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions. It provides a comprehensive data warehousing solution for real-time insights across massive data sets from various sources.

Where traditional databases once dominated enterprise data warehousing strategies, Hadoop is gaining traction among companies looking for an efficient and affordable way to store and process ever-increasing data volumes. However, companies struggle to integrate Hadoop with their business analytics environments and refined data warehousing practices. Together, the “big data” bundle from SAP and go-to-market partnerships with Hadoop vendors enable SAP to offer its customers a complete real-time data warehousing strategy that harnesses Hadoop’s potential with the speed of in-memory computing and columnar databases.

Mitsui Knowledge Industry, experts in bioinformatics and genome analysis, have built a real-time analytic database that uses SAP HANA for complex, iterative algorithms against genome sequences preprocessed in Hadoop, reducing genome analysis from days to minutes. A global leader in measuring the digital world, comScore uses Hadoop to process terabytes of data each day. The company loads results into its enterprise data warehouse based on SAP Sybase IQ, which can then be analyzed by thousands of comScore customers using self-service tools.

“Our goal is to help organizations build a high-performance enterprise data warehouse that combines the power of real-time insights with Hadoop processing frameworks,” said Steve Lucas, global executive vice president and general manager, Database & Technology, SAP. “With new ‘big data’ offerings delivering information at unprecedented speeds, customers can uncover and harness new measurable signals from any data source for critical business insights.”

Bringing together the speed, scale, flexibility and affordability needed to fully tap the potential of “big data,” SAP is offering the following Hadoop-integrated solutions in a single bundle, as well as individually:

1. SAP HANA database
2. SAP Sybase IQ, a columnar database and enterprise data warehouse database
3. SAP Data Integrator
4. SAP BusinessObjects BI suite

SAP enables customers to integrate Hadoop into their existing BI and data warehousing environments in multiple ways, giving customers the ability to tailor the integration to their needs. With SAP Data Integrator, organizations can read data from Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) or Hive databases, and load relevant data rapidly into SAP HANA or SAP Sybase IQ, helping ensure that BI users can continue to use their existing reporting and analytics tools. Furthermore, customers can federate queries across SAP Sybase IQ and Hadoop environments, or alternatively run MapReduce jobs across a SAP Sybase IQ MPP environment using built-in functionality. Lastly, SAP BusinessObjects BI users can query Hive environments giving business analysts the ability to directly explore Hadoop environments.

SAP Partners With Key Vendors Offering Hadoop Services and Support

To simplify the implementation of “big data” solutions that leverage the SAP real-time data platform and Hadoop, members of a “big data” partner council from SAP are collaborating on go-to-market initiatives and coordinated customer engagements. As leading providers of Hadoop data management software, systems, services and training, Cloudera, Hitachi Data Systems, Hortonworks, HP and IBM will enable SAP customers to quickly deploy “big data” solutions that combine in-memory computing and Hadoop.

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