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Big Data: Big Returns or Bigger Investment?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 26 February 2013, 12:15 Hrs
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Bangalore: The wide acceptance of Big Data in the information technology sector is actually leading to a very important question.  Walter  on asks that are the corporations getting the desired outcome on the expenditure made on administering and regulating Big Data?

Most of the entrepreneurs and business professionals are pretty satisfied with the return of investment by applying Big Data. The research conducted by the Avanade IT research company shows that the investment made on the business intelligence tools and analytics have been pretty much paid off with the revenue earned with the help of Big Data, but 26% of C class superiors in the companies are still not satisfied with the amount invested on the Big Data.

The management of Big Data is an intricate issue because of the complexity and humongous volume involved.  These reasons hinders of proper management of Big Data, thus the companies are not reaching the desired targets. So the amount of investment made is more than the outcome. The security of Big Data is also an issue with the companies as that itself requires a lot of attention.

The managers are also complaining due to the lack of appropriate BI tools and analytics so as to make the management of Big Data uncomplicated and smooth. Due to these problems the vendors are coming up with solutions like upgraded Business Intelligence tools, making most of the manager content with the recent progress. Most of the companies are enforcing Big Data in business plans and upcoming schemes.
This proves that the investments on Big Data are fruitful and the returns are immense. The managers are hopeful despite of the hurdles involving the management of Big Data. The advancements of the BI tools and analytics are keeping the executives encouraged on investing on Big Data. The outcome is noticeably good and gainful.

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