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Big Data Analytics: A Wise Career Option?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 January 2013, 10:34 Hrs
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Bangalore: It can be argued that IT has seen better years. Times are hard for sales of hardware and the slow economic recovery has resulted in slow growth and investment in all areas, states Shaun Nichols on This is reflecting in the high unemployment rates, especially for recent graduates.

However there is a shimmering ray of hope through all the gloom; a field that has many jobs available and is seeking graduates who are capable of handling requisite platforms- big data analytics. With data being produced and consumed at an alarmingly fast pace, big data is the need of the hour and vendors are creating machines that can process the mountains of data. These mountains of data contain vital information such as interactions on social sites and e-commerce transactions. Executives and Strategy makers are grappling with this quantity of data and trying to understand what insights they should glean from it.

With this Big Quantity of data come big opportunities. Companies can seek insights on a far more detailed scale and gain much more insights. A common database cannot analyze all this data as most of it is unstructured. Hence the propagation of big data analytics. Now Big data can be processed by NoSQL and the Open Source Apache Hadoop option. These platforms will also necessitate specialized talent and expertise. Opportunities are aplenty for data analysts and the new generation can make use of the vacancies in this field and receive training to manage big data software. The explosion of multiple products in the market are a testament to the fact that vendors are seizing the opportunity to release big data related software and hardware. However, the education domain has not been able to keep up until recently. Universities are now waking up to the need for big data related curriculum. Coursera, which offers free online courses, will hold a course soon on Web Intelligence and Big Data. Teradata has also recently announced free certification for candidates seeking analytic jobs. EMC too has been active in sponsoring certifications for the BI sector. Until recently vendors were directly reaching out to under grads and honing the skills required to handle big data. Gartner had also predicted that by 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs will be created globally to support big data.

The careers in BI could be extremely lucrative and graduate students ought to consider it as a specialization for post graduate study as the growth seems tremendous.

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