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Applying Business Intelligence in Healthcare

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 May 2012, 07:10 Hrs
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Bangalore: Healthcare organizations are constantly weighed down by the sheer volume of data they have to deal with every day. Without a program in place to target and analyze the relevant data, these organizations won’t be able to deal with this data mess. Progressive organizations understand that Business Intelligence is at the helm of informed decision-making that will improve patient and service outcomes.

Health-care is ultimately a business, so using PCs to process information, compare it, research it and produce results is crucial for good clinic and office management. Rugged PCs in health care scenarios can run everything from trauma room systems to operation room technology. The clerical and business systems within the healthcare industry also rely on PCs.

Medical care systems could use electronic medical records to find the most prevalent illnesses they treat so that they could be better prepared and can maintain the requisite stock of medicines.

The BI model can be employed in many ways in the medical field. Information can be feed and processed in different ways to answer important business and medical care questions using rugged technology like Panasonic laptops. Once patient records are correctly added then BI models can gather detailed information.

Patient records can show clinical patterns, like recurring illnesses, the most effective treatments and other data. All of this information may be utilized for inventory, and for the future plans.

Costs, staffing, billing and other bits of the process can be investigated according to the information mined from the EMR system to make everything more accurate. Tracking mistakes made in diagnoses is another use for BI processes. Finding these errors and eliminating them, and finding places where the surgery isn’t meeting needs can help improve the operation of any health care provider.

Electronic medical records must be accurate, so computers must be able to handle the information, process it quickly and without fail. High-end systems like CF-19 are built to withstand a variety of conditions found in healthcare.

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