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7 Amazing Tools to Tackle Big Data

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 14 June 2012, 06:25 Hrs
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Bangalore: Big data is the buzzword in Business Intelligence domain today’s scenario. There are many tools available in the market that can tackle big data. Infoworld lists seven of these big shots:

1.    Jaspersoft BI Suite:
The Jaspersoft package is one of the open source leaders generally used for creating reports from database columns. The software is refined and utilized by several businesses to convert SQL tables into PDFs that can be scrutinized at meetings. The company has latched on to the big data wagon which mean they have added a software layer to join its report generating software to the locations where big data gets stored. Hadoop is well-represented, with a Hive connector provided by JasperReports to reach inside the HBase.

2.    Pentaho Business Analytics:
Pentaho is another software platform which started as a report generating engine and like JasperSoft, has branched into big data by making it easier to take information from the new sources. Pentaho has thoroughly integrated Hadoop and the other sources into built in modules, which means you could write your code and send it to be executed on the cluster.

3.    Karmasphere Studio and Analyst:
Not all big data tools started off as reporting tools. Karmasphere Studio, for example, is a specialized IDE that simplifies creation and execution of Hadoop jobs. Karmasphere also distributes a tool called Karmasphere Analyst, which makes the method of plowing through all the data in a Hadoop cluster seem very manageable.

4.    Talend Open Studio:
Talend also offers an Eclipse-based IDE for linking together data processing jobs with Hadoop. Its tools are focused towards helping with data integration, data quality, and data management.

5.    Skytree Server:
Not all the tools were created to simplify stringing together code with visual mechanisms. Skytree is more focused on results rather than its GUI. Its Server is optimized to run a number of classic machine-learning algorithms on your data using a technique which the company claims can be 10,000 times faster than other packages. It can search through your data looking for clusters of similar items, and then invert this to identify outliers that may be weaknesses, opportunities, or both. The free version of the software is limited to data sets of 100,000 rows but is similar to the proprietary version in all other respects.

6.    Tableau Desktop and Server:
Tableau Desktop is a visualization tool that gives you the opportunity to look at your data in different ways, then slice it up so you can view it in a different way. The software is well-polished and aesthetically pleasing. The software team obviously has a number of people with some artistic talent.

7.    Splunk:
Splunk is different as it’s not exactly a report-generating tool, although it accomplishes that too. It creates an index of your data and treats it as if it were a book or a block of text. Splunk's technique is more similar to a text search process. It’s quite helpful if you're looking for the right kind of data in your data feed. If you know the right text string, Splunk will help you track it.

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