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10 Mobile BI apps for better Decision making

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 19 July 2012, 09:28 Hrs
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Bangalore: The world is coming closer together and this is chiefly due to mobility. The world of BI has also seen a major impact of mobility as more tools are being created which simplifies reporting and analytics. ComputerWorld listed ten mobile BI apps which will help in making informed decisions.

1. Cyfe: Cyfe supplies analytic tools for small sized businesses. It provides all-in-one business dashboards for a monthly subscription fee to small size business owners with its cloud services and mobile app. Dashboards are noteworthy for ease in set up and because they include widgets that can connect to social media, marketing, monitoring and sales data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, Twitter, Gmail, Amazon Web Services and FeedBurner. The platforms on which Cyfe can be run are Android and iOS.

2. IBM Cognos Mobile: For organizations already employing IBM's Cognos platform, Cognos Mobile will enable viewing BI content from different varieties of mobile devices, to create multiple dashboards. It is pertinent to note that this app requires IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content in the backend and Cognos Mobile Server. Platform: BlackBerry and iOS native and Web clients; Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile Web access

3. Jaspersoft: Jaspersoft, which is an open-source mobile BI platform, has extended its BI functionality by providing a native application for the iPhone and browser-based architecture for the iPad. So an organization can pick which option would best suit its requirements. Developers can make use of the mobile SDK while IT departments could manage security by server-side authentication. Platform: iOS

4. MicroStrategy: MicroStrategy offers a mobile version of its client app called MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform, which can produce dashboards. It enables the usage of interactive scorecards and the iOS app Airplay to present and control visualized data onto a TV. MicroStrategy Mobile is unique due to the support for multi-language content, offline analysis capabilities, and customized alerts which it offers. Platform: Android, iOS

5. MobiWeave: If a user of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services doesn’t wish to wait for the full mobile Pivot View to be released on iOS devices, he / she can make use of the free Mobi Office app which enables viewing capabilities for existing SharePoint reports and Microsoft Business Intelligence Dashboard data available through SharePoint. Mobi Reports Pro also gives the capability to download and view Reporting Services reports from multiple reporting servers. Platform: iOS

6. Power View Mobile: Power View, a data visualization app which is launched via SharePoint, is a part of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services. Power View Mobile offers full support for Windows Mobile and is compatible with PowerPivot.  It offers the self-service capability of the Microsoft BI platform. Through PowerPivot a user can design reports and charts, and publish them on mobile devices. Microsoft plans to deliver touch-based data exploration and visualization capabilities in a browser on iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms later in 2012. Platform: Windows Phone; coming soon to Android and iOS

7. PushBI: PushBI, as the name indicates, allows existing BI tools to go mobile by pushing data to devices which are either onsite or in the cloud. It supports many data source types like SQL Server, SAP Business Information Warehouse, XML, Atom and RSS. As PushBI supplies Web-based content, the mobile device must always be connected to the Internet to  access information. Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile

8. Roambi: Roambi Analytics offers a mobile business app which can easily be integrated with a broad array of systems such as, SAP, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Reporting Services. This app was listed among the "40 Best Apps for Business" in Fortune. Roambi Analytics ES4.4 for the iPad, provides rich and crisp graphics and colours, interactive charts and load quickly. Platform: iOS

9. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile is a useful enterprise tool which can give robust analytics and interactive charts for the mobile workforce. This app lends security and flexibility as it makes use of the existing SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. SAP StreamWork allows collaboration on different reports amongst employees. Platforms: Android, BlackBerry iOS, Symbian, Widows Mobile

10. Yellowfin: Yellowfin provides mobile BI tools which can be easily customized. This platform which enables anyone to create custom reports and dashboards that can be published, is based on the Yellowfin client-based BI app. While many mobile BI apps require always-on connectivity, Yellowfin provides an offline work mode that can help users who may need to see reports and data while on the go. Platform: Android, iOS

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