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pie charts considered "evil" by data visualization experts
How (and why) are pie charts considered "evil" by data visualization experts?
Asked by Pritika MiSsInG fRiEnDs | Sep 11 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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Also, labeling. When you use a pie chart to compare multiple categories it gets hard to label the pieces of the pie. One solution people use is to add color and a legend to the pie chart, but that brings another problem: users get confused when you encode more than certain amount of different colors.
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The other issue I have with pie charts is how people abuse from them and misuse them. A nice example is given by Stephen Few in his book "Information Dashboard Design" (pg. 58) where a 3D pie chart (don't even get me started with 3D viz) is used to represent the probability of women developing invasive cancers. The bigger piece of pie has 13% of probability but is represented in the graph as 40 or 45% of the whole pie, giving the user a false insight about the data represented.
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Pie charts are supposed to be used to see how a "whole" is segmented in its parts. That's ok when you have two or three categories to visualize. But when you have multiple categories, it becomes hard for the user to identify the proportions correctly, compare different categories and gain any insight from the picture.
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