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Shankar Radhakrishnan

"Mobile Intelligence "

Shankar Radhakrishnan
Senior Solutions Architect
HCL Technologies
Shankar Radhakrishnan is a Senior Solutions Architect with HCL Technologies. He brings more than 16 years of experience in Data management, Data warehousing, Analytics and Business Intelligence, playing technical leadership and cross functional roles. He has extensive experience working for private startups to multinational public companies, inUnited States and India. In HCL,his area of focus includes Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence 2.0, Social Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics, Cloud Computing, Customer Centricity, DW Appliance, Data Architecture, Enterprise Solutions Architecture, Intellectual Property Management, MPP Data warehouses, Master Data Management (MDM).Immediately before joining HCL, he was the ‘Director of Data Architecture’ with Mobclix (recently acquired by Velti) in Bay Area, California. Mobclix is the largest mobile Ad Exchange, focusing on real-time Mobile Application and Social Analytics. He was in charge of the cloud based data architecture, which provided rich and robust Application Analytics, using Aster Datas nCluster to manage huge volumes of data out of Elastic Cloud from He also played key roles in data with Yahoo Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., Walt Disney Internet Group, Sidestep, Obopay, Polaris Software Lab Ltd.

We are living in exciting times. Every form of technology is essentially converging towards one and one thing only – Mobility. Gone are the days, when our mobile phones were meant only to make phone-calls and (little later) SMS (short messaging service).
Computing was done almost exclusive to Laptops and Desktops but now we are in the middle of an explosion of Tablets (iPad) and Smart Phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android powered phones).
If you run a business, you should think about the opportunity and challenges (ahead) as well.
Challenge is you should have a strategy in placeto this medium. Your customers (and potential customers) are going to use your products and services, more and more through this medium. As a company you cannot have "one strategy fits all" approach.
Opportunity is where, instead you have look deep into your Content and identify immediately on the following
•    Enrichment
•    Social Media Strategy
•    Contextual Profiles
•    Analytics
•    Mobile Applicability (on all of the above)
Mobile Intelligence is all about getting actionable intelligence in quicker intervals. Mobile Intelligence demands a sound strategy and supporting infrastructure.
So its time to look deep into the following
•    Strategies on Analytics, Cloud
•    Data Management - Distributed Databases, Distributed Processing
•    Content - Data-sources, Data volume
•    Data Integration - Data Movement, ETL strategy, Data Retention
•    Analytical models
Mobile Intelligence is your next frontier to compete and excel.