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Suchindra Bapu Rangaswamy

Competency Lead - BI
Optimal Solutions
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BI - Expert
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I started my career as a BI/DW Consultant with Adea Solutions. Then, I moved to n-Tech as a Solution Manager - BI Implementation Solutions where I started working on two implementation projects in GDC for the companies like one for Honeywell and the other for Jones Retail. I also did implementation for the companies like Wipro through SAP India and HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited). Then, I joined Optimal Solutions as a competency lead for Business Intelligence having significant experience working with Customers, Project Managers and Technical Teams for securing & executing concurrent projects. I have worked on very high priority projects with primary clients like SAP India, SAP GDC, SAP Malaysia, Kafco, Moserbaer, Mastek, Turner Constructions, Pedrollo, Berger Paints and secondary clients like Honeywell Inc, Homebase, Jones Retail Corp, Telecom Malaysia, Wipro, Relaxo footwear and HUL
Decisions That Mattered
Most important career decision was to move from the big company Adea Solutions to n-Tech Solutions where, I got an opportunity to learn and discover more on BI implementation, implementing for big companies like Wipro, through SAP India, SAP GDC and many more.
Other important decision is to move to Optimal Solutions, where I involved in setting up the practice right from hiring the person till the utilization of resources by allocating right people with right responsibilities.
The Turning Points
Inflection point in my career is joining n-Tech Solutions and working on three different projects for 3 giant companies in GDC. Second is joining Optimal and taking all the responsibilities in setting up the process. As Optimal is having main focus on BI.
Work and Role: Then and Now
In my previous job I was just working as a consultant then I worked as a lead for 2 or 3 people. In my current role, I am completely involved in the building various BI projects right from recruiting, appraisal, allocating responsibilities till checking the profitability of the project, scope of the project and minimizing the cost.
Two Years Down the Line
Leading a team of at least more than 100 people in Business Intelligence, as there are various platforms in BI like Business Objects SAP BW, Mobility Solutions, BPC and many more, where I am involved in building the practices in various streams. In couple of years, I should see that the various practices are formed and strong on all the platforms in Optimal Solutions. I should see myself in CEOs position after 5 years.
What I Learnt Along the Way
Always love your job and show the belongingness to the company. Passion towards work will always reward in a good manner.
Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
When I started my career, I always used to feel that there is something better that I can do whatever currently I have done and could have given better solutions than whatever currently I have done. There was a feeling that could have better instead now I have learnt what best solutions I can give at that point of time to meet the deadlines of the project.
Trends to Watch Out For
Technologies will always be dynamic, keeping up pace with these technologies. Some technology trends are Hana, Mobility, Business Objects and Cloud Computing.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
One has to decide whether they have to go into functional or technical track. The best way to learn from technical perspective is starting from ABAP know about BI as a tool, business objects as a tool then BPC as a tool for good planning and consolidation.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Business Objects and Hana are the two technologies which are very hot.
Do We Need Certifications?
I didnt go for any certifications. Practical knowledge is more important than a theoretical knowledge.
Might be the Business Objects Certification is helpful for budding professional.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
I recommend to check with SDN website.
Last But Not Least
To achieve something always stay dedicated, bring the willingness right from your heart. Choose the right path and make decisions on your own.
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