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Having conducted over 10 major business intelligence conferences across all the major cities in India, we get requests from several organizations to help them with information about Business Intelligence product vendors and the competency they bring to table. They also approach us for our insight into the market landscape. Given this context, SiliconIndia will soon be launching the "Top 10 Business Intelligence Software Products". This is the first time in India that such a directory, essentially comprising of profiles of top BI product companies, will be published.

The product showcase will focus on Top 10 BI products in each of
the following categories:
  • Data mining/Data warehousing tools
  • Reporting/OLAP
  • ETL/Data Integration tools
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
Apart from the product listings & showcase, the directory will have
featured articles by experts on:

  • How to pick the right BI tools for your organization?
  • Taking charge of your BI strategy & what questions to ask vendors

How it will help clients?
  • The listing will act as a knowledge sharing tool for Business Intelligence experts looking for product classifications & comparisons and also for companies who have identified BI as their long time strategy.
  • This directory will act as a valuable resource for those getting started with the BI software evaluation process, completing a BI assessment or researching and evaluating BI platforms and tools in the market.
  • CIO's will use this listing to find the right BI and analytics solution that will help their organization assess and your product can be the one that they have their eyes firmly set upon and getting featured would mean that you make it to the top of the list of their probable shortlists.
  • This directory is a great resource for business intelligence vendor and product information. In short, its a one stop shop for your BI. Whether you're just beginning the BI software evaluation process or looking to upgrade your BI system, you'll find valuable information about on-premise and on-demand BI software from a variety of vendors in the BI market.

Why you should nominate your product?
  • This directory will help your company and your product to be known in the market.
  • Getting featured in this directory would take you one step closer to signing a business deal, given our deep relationships with over 1000+ CIO's.
  • Profiling is also available online giving a wider market reach.
  • Listing in this directory would mean that you get visibility and awareness in the market and establish yourself as a leader in this domain.
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