BI City

Advisory Board
BI City Advisory board is a group of Business Intelligence and DW Experts who have been selected to help advise us regarding any number of issues pertaining BI/DW, including market trends, BI tools and services in the industry and so on; The members of the advisory committee provide leadership and recommendations for program development to contribute towards the goals of BI City. They guide us to structure the contents and proceedings of BI City and support outreach efforts to raise awareness in their own way.
Andrew Oh
General Manager - Asia ,Microstrategy
Andrew Oh is General Manager - Asia for Microstrategy. He has 16 years of experience in BI, DW, Data Integration and Analytics business. Prior to Microstrategy, he had served in management roles in SAS and Teradata. In his current role in Microstrategy, he is responsible for sales, marketing, channels and pre sales management for both direct sales as well as channel partners in Asia.