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Suman Rangabhashyam

Suman Rangabhashyam

SR Business Solutions
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Suman Rangabhashyam's Experience
SR Business Solutions, Hyderabad, INDIA
Suman Rangabhashyam's Education
Manipal University
Chennai University
Osmania University, Hyderabad
Travel & Tourism
Current Job description
I am passionate about facilitating Business Simulation Programs within any environment. Technically I am the MD of “SR Business Simulations” but my most satisfying moments are spent facilitating the Simulation Program.
My advice
A leader who acts as an advocate for learning consistently positions learning as a core competency and integral part of the corporate strategy. Advocates visibly sponsor and promote development initiatives throughout the organization and help promote organizational learning by partnering with SimulationPrograms. Thus, leaders influence can extend to a role in knowledge sharing and management within their organizations.
Leadership qualities
For today’s leaders, the ability to develop talent across the organization is crucial. While some senior leaders may share their expertise through the leader-as-teacher model, for many, that’s as far as their involvement goes. However, there is a new role emerging for senior leaders: “leaders as advocates for learning.” This role demands even more commitment and capacity from leaders and also yields more significant results for the organization
Managing personal and professional life
“ Treat the people the way you want to be treated.” is the usual slogan. However, “Treat the people the way they want to be treated.” Is the slogan coined by Dr Tony Alessendra in his book ‘ The Platinum Rule.’ He outlined four personality types to bring awareness among the people about their behavior styles and for better professional and career compatibility. This helps in knowing yourself as well as others and promotes your leadership skills and abilities. I, continuously strive to follow this philosophy.
Important career decisions
My career has been a blend of chance and choice. As a matter of choice I left paid employment and entrepreneurship was a chance if I may call it. I felt that management training sometimes is resisted by the very people who need training. My passion for implementing various ideas directed me towards simulation program, a risk-free platform for implementing theory into reality. I personally believe that innovation and management are the pre-requisites for the success of an organization and an effective program to facilitate it on a risk – free platform emboldens one to confidently move in that direction. This is the key to long run success.
Handling Grievances
There are numerous remedies postulated on employee grievance management. Rather than give advice on the same I strongly recommend a problem solving simulation program which would unleash each employees potential at conflict management. “Implementation” is the buzz word today. A Simulation Program takes care of it. The Caption says it all –Tell me and I will forget…..Show me and I may remember…..Involve me and I will understand.
Influenced by
There is no person that has influenced me more than the other. I go by the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" so their is no one whom I can say has in influenced me more than the other. My family is my strength and my husband is my ‘best friend’.
Family background
I am a Proud wife of an Air Force officer and a loving mother of two children. Owing to family commitments and responsibilities, I chose to leave paid employment and return years later as an entrepreneur. At all times, my family has encouraged and given me confidence to follow my hearts desire. Having several years’ work experience in management, in both the Defense Services as well as in the civilian milieu, of diverse activities and personnel related issues such as training, staffing, customer services and office management; I currently facilitate learning in communication and management skills. I am able to liaison effectively between management and employees and act as business partner within any environment. Spoken English and personality enhancement are my forte.
My views on India Technical development
We have been like Unguided missiles, always looking around for “Jugad” and settling for mediocrity. I strongly believe, there is a shift in the mindset today. Two reasons. First, multinational companies and global consumers are both hunting for value in the immediate aftermath of the worldwide recession. Slow growth in the developed markets after the great recession is encouraging innovation in emerging markets. Historically, MNCs designed products in the developed markets and adapted them for the rest of the world—the technology came first, the pricing followed. Reverse Innovation or trickle-up innovation refers to the opposite. It refers to low=cost, but high value products developed primarily for emerging markets that eventually graduate to the developed world. The technology is tailor-made with an affordable price in mind. Second, Indian innovation and frugal engineering skills are being taken seriously. The Nano, despite its many initial troubles, is seen as a breakthrough innovation that could eventually be launched as an upgraded version in developed markets. "Innovation from India has moved on from culture (ayurveda and yoga) to packaged consumer goods and now to manufactured things such as the **Tata Nano or the Swach (low-cost water purifier). **Ford and Toyota want to sell their India designed low-cost cars globally, **Nestle's high-nutrient and low-cost variant of Maggi noodles, a `2-a-packet product developed for the rural poor in India and Pakistan, is on its way to Australia and New Zealand, **General Electric, one of the early practitioners of reverse innovation has been making cheaper, stripped-down versions of its ECG and ultrasound machines in India and taking them to world markets. **Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) Krushers, **A nifty learn-to-speak-English mobile phone application from Nokia, **Pepsi's Kurkure and Nimbooz, **McDonald's AlooTikki Burger are among the innovated-in-India value-for-money products that are now being sold to millions of global consumers.
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