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Sujoy Dutta

Sujoy Dutta

Project Manager
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Sujoy Dutta's Experience
Project Manager
Tyco , Kolkata
Sujoy Dutta's Education
Acharya Institue of Technology
Ensuring Growth
For an individual definitely he have to keep himself updated with the new things going on , keep himself well versed and should have the passion to take the challenge on. I strongly believe a Leader grows and develop in life if he has a good team and the team performance is really outstanding. One more thing a leader should keep in mind is that he should be able to groom his successor for his post, that a very important step for any leader to grow in his life.
Current Job description
I have been working with Tyco Fire & Security for last 5 years . I stepped in Tyco as a fresher from my university and started with a unique program that Tyco had that time name as “Asia management Trainee”. I was the only one to get selected from Indian with the peers from Singapore, China , Malaysia and Hong Kong. After this training period for a yearI started working as Project Manager with Tyco. Started off with Tyco’s Bangalore office which is a HQ of India operation and then down the line worked through all the places like Delhi,Kolkata, Vizag, etc handling different big projects all though India. 3 yrs down the line got promoted as Regional Project Manager with the responsibility of handling all the eastern region projects and was based out of Kolkata office. For the last one year I am being relocated to Tyco’s Singapore office with the role of Project Manager and at present handling couple of Big ,prestigious project here. My Job profile is more towards Project & Operation Management where in handling different big project, Resource and manpower utilization, leading the project team, Time Scheduling, Maintaining the project financial matrix and off course customer satisfaction.
Managing personal and professional life
Mistakes are part and parcel of life they cannot be eliminated but a good leader should try to minimise his/her mistake . A good leader should always analyse his/her mistake and find out the root cause of it .Its is always see in many leaders that they share their mistake, its root cause and its solution in terms of different examples with his /her team members. I for myself take decision and if its not correct would work backwards and try to find out what went wrong .Its not bad to walk 2 step backward before taking 4 steps forward. That would ensure that after the 4th step forward you would not fall back.
My advice
Leadership is not about enjoying position status, rather it’s about sharing yourself to your team and grooming more and more leaders.
Important career decisions
Coming out of India to a totally different business of Tyco I think is an important decision in my life , I am not sure what is stored for me in future but definitely here in Singapore I came to learn a lot of the business but most important about people and way of doing things and their culture . I real example of diversity and inclusion.
Leadership qualities
For being any good leader I believe in 2 things, a leader must “Lead by example“& should be “Able to build the bonding in the team and work as buddy rather than a boss” If a leader can build the bond among his team members and connect it well to himselfthen 75% of the job is done for that team. Now they only need to execute it. And for doing that a leader should be the one to come and take it forward. I think good Technical and Conceptual knowledge is not a great barrier for any team, if a leader can build a strong team, having the bonding well done, the technical knowledge can well be gained from that team itself.
Handling Grievances
Grievance should be handled in a very tactical way without hurting the emotions of the employee , a leader needs to understand the cause of the grievance and would try to give them a proper solution or show a way to solve it . It’s better to call the employee for a discussion on the table sometimes a short casual discussion over a coffee in the canteen can also help a lot. However a leader should also be prepared to take tough decisions on employee depending on the situations. A leader should not at any point of time compromise with any grievance of any employee , as a leader should remember if he compromise with one of his employee the next employee is waiting to take that opportunity. '
My views on India Technical development
Its not right to say that we don’t have any single tech product in our country but just that we don’t place it in the right way or in other sense we don’t have the right infrastructure to put it in the right path. India have the best brains in the world and it’s the Indian who are going abroad and bring out the change , its only because in India you don’t have the right infrastructure to get the things in India The main example is that in India still we don’t have a proper base for research and development, a guy coming out from Engineering would either go for MBA for a better salary job or if he/she have the talent , interested and financially supported would go for his/her higher studies in any foreign university. India should focus its highlight more on higher studies, research for that they need to have the enough infrastructures.
Family background
Well I belong to a mediocre family of Kolkata , my father was a serviceman in the State government now he is retired and my mother is a house wife.
Influenced by
I was most influence by my grandfathers as I learned from his life that hard work is the only formula to be successful in life and it’s by a person’s hard work and its behavior to other people that any individual can be remembered for long long years. My grandfather had passed away 17 yrs back but still he is remembers well in his work field for his work and behavior.
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