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Sindhuja K

Sindhuja K

Deputy Manager-Business analyst
Cholamandalam MS General India Ltd
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Sindhuja K's Experience
Cholamandalam MS General India Ltd, Chennai, INDIA
Cust. Service Exec.
Sindhuja K's Education
Stella Maris College
Current Job description
In Sundaram Fasteners I am the general Manager for the factory accounts. I will be joining there in January mid week. My role is to consolidate the factory accounts of the southern branches in Sundaram fasteners. I would be responsible to develop the strategy of the factory accounts for Sundaram Fasteners . In the organization I would be consolidating all the accountants statements , develop the factory accounts records all over India , develop the strategy and make the accounting principles and practices smooth for the organization to handle .
Ensuring Growth
To become a leader the best way is to keep learning . They see all experiences as learning experiences. But there is a catch. Unexamined experiences don’t produce the rich insights that come from reflection and analysis. If you want to become a better leader, you need to study your own performance and become more conscious about the choices that you are making and how you are acting on your intentions.”
Managing personal and professional life
To connect the right dots we need to create a team atmosphere within the department with a sense of mission. You need to share your vision of what the company can be, so they have a common purpose. To get a group of individuals to think as one positive team, they also have to see you as a positive, good spirited and motivated hard worker. We have to consider the following points : 1. What is the value of the company that the customers pay for? 2. What is the competitive advantage? 3. What kind of quality is expected? To avoid mistakes in life both personal and professional we have to follow these points • Make sure you know what they know. Just saying “do it” without knowing what needs to be done is a morale killer that will destroy teamwork. You should be able to do the basics of each individual’s job in your department whether it is answering a phone, taking an order, making a product, or technically supporting a customer. Besides, your confidence level will also rise if you understand the work being done by your team. • Balance is key. You want your team to be happy, but at the same time not acting goofy. You want them to be serious, but at the same time not stressed. You want them to communicate openly, but at the same time not always complaining. You want them to be easy going, but at the same time not flaky. You want them to be communicative, but at the same time not so much of a social butterfly. You want them to be independent, but not disrespectful. Always make sure there is balance in the air and be prepared to counter-balance as soon as possible. • Project teams within a team. This is a temporary team used for a specific reason. For example, you might need to have some of your testing software updated. This would not need the whole teams participation, but it is too big of a task to delegate to just one or two individuals. In this case you would pick a small team whose task would be to work together on the project until the mission is complete. Be sure to communicate exactly what is expected and in what timeframe.
Handling Grievances
Grievance may be any genuine or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction or injustice which an employee experiences about his job and it’s nature, about the management policies and procedures. It must be expressed by the employee and brought to the notice of the management and the organization. Grievances take the form of collective disputes when they are not resolved. Also they will then lower the morale and efficiency of the employees. Unattended grievances result in frustration, dissatisfaction, low productivity, lack of interest in work, absenteeism, etc. In short, grievance arises when employees’ expectations are not fulfilled from the organization as a result of which a feeling of discontentment and dissatisfaction arises. This dissatisfaction must crop up from employment issues and not from personal issues. Grievance may result from the following factors- a. Improper working conditions such as strict production standards, unsafe workplace, bad relation with managers, etc. b. Irrational management policies such as overtime, transfers, demotions, inappropriate salary structure, etc. c. Violation of organizational rules and practices. The manager should immediately identify all grievances and must take appropriate steps to eliminate the causes of such grievances so that the employees remain loyal and committed to their work. Effective grievance management is an essential part of personnel management. The managers should adopt the following approach to manage grievance effectively- 1. Quick action- As soon as the grievance arises, it should be identified and resolved. Training must be given to the managers to effectively and timely manage a grievance. This will lower the detrimental effects of grievance on the employees and their performance. 2. Acknowledging grievance- The manager must acknowledge the grievance put forward by the employee as manifestation of true and real feelings of the employees. Acknowledgement by the manager implies that the manager is eager to look into the complaint impartially and without any bias. This will create a conducive work environment with instances of grievance reduced. 3. Gathering facts- The managers should gather appropriate and sufficient facts explaining the grievance’s nature. A record of such facts must be maintained so that these can be used in later stage of grievance redressal. 4. Examining the causes of grievance- The actual cause of grievance should be identified. Accordingly remedial actions should be taken to prevent repetition of the grievance. 5. Decisioning- After identifying the causes of grievance, alternative course of actions should be thought of to manage the grievance. The effect of each course of action on the existing and future management policies and procedure should be analyzed and accordingly decision should be taken by the manager. 6. Execution and review- The manager should execute the decision quickly, ignoring the fact, that it may or may not hurt the employees concerned. After implementing the decision, a follow-up must be there to ensure that the grievance has been resolved completely and adequately. An effective grievance procedure ensures an amiable work environment because it redresses the grievance to mutual satisfaction of both the employees and the managers. It also helps the management to frame policies and procedures acceptable to the employees. It becomes an effective medium for the employees to express t feelings, discontent and dissatisfaction openly and formally.
Leadership qualities
The 21st century presents many new challenges for both employees and business leaders. In an interconnected, fast moving world, we need to learn cognitive flexibility, stress tolerance, and divergent thinking. While technology can make us more effective, new theories of leadership emphasize the importance of trust and establishing long-term relationships. In a competitive world, we need leaders with novel ideas, who are willing to take risks, inspire and motivate, and build new strategic partnerships to address global challenges. The leadership skill that’s required is to BE RESILIENT : “Fall seven times, Stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb The truth is that everybody makes mistakes. The bigger your goals, the more mistakes you will make. Being innovative means trying new things; and venturing where nobody has gone before. It’s easier to do things the way they’ve always been done, but your long-term impact will be less. If you want to have a memorable and long-term impact, you need to take strategic risks, and that may mean failing or messing up sometimes. Self-confidence is key. Often this comes from having prior successful experiences. Even if you’re doing something new, remember your prior successes, and the personal qualities you have that created them. • If you believe in your mission and abilities, failure is just a temporary detour. • Most failures contain one or more lessons. Be willing to admit your contribution to the failure, and be ready to change your thinking about the issue. • Listen to and collaborate with others, but do not suppress your own voice and goals. • You may need to take time to grieve the loss of a dream, contemplate, and regroup.
My advice
The best advice that I would give to an upcoming management leader is as below : “Learn all you can about the industry in which you want to lead. Learn as many of the jobs as you can firsthand. Learn to not get into petty fights or politics. Watch leaders you admire and see how they handle various situations.”
Influenced by
In my life the person who has influenced me is my father . As my father has thought me the ethics and values and inspired me to come up in life from the bottom most part of my career .Like when I was sacked from Cholamandalam Finance I just picked up with the help of my fathers encouraging words and my father has inspired me a lot . I was able to pick up the reins of my career that’s I was able to complete my CA ( Chartered accountancy) and MA economics …and this really helped me to take up a job at sundaram fasteners as a GENERAL MANAGER – Factory Accounts .
My views on India Technical development
In my life the most important career decision I have made is to do my CA and MA economics and join Sundaram Fasteners as General Manager- Factory Accounts .
Family background
In my family it is just myself , my dad , my mum and my grandmother . My father’s name is Mr D kumaraswamy he is the Managing Director of PSIL and my mother is a school teacher . I am miss k sindhuja 31 years old and am hearing impaired. I have done my, MBA , MA and CA . I have worked with HDFC BANK, CHOLAMANDALAM MS GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY AND CHOLAMANDALAM FINANCE LTD. I will be joining Sundaram Fasteners as General Manager- Factory Accounts in January mid week.
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