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Sandeep Mehta

Sandeep Mehta

Finance Director
District Cooling Company
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Sandeep Mehta's Experience
Finance Director
District Cooling Company, Manama, Bahrain
Sandeep Mehta's Education
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Ensuring Growth
I truly believe in participative and team spirit. Hence, I do empower my team for better performance. I also follow lots of other leaders by attending professional seminar, write up to learn more and more out of other’s experience. I also read good books on management to understand different style of management for self improvisation. For better communication & speech, I have been an active member of local Toastmaster Club in the past, also participate in various discussion forum, presentation in Young Leadership Program etc.
Current Job description
My current designation is Finance Director working for chilled water supply company based in Bahrain- Bahrain District Cooling Co. B.S.C. Apart from heading over Accounting & Finance Department, I am managing day-to-day activities of the company which includes HR, Admin, Procurement, Commercial Issues as well. This is a great opportunity to enrich myself and gain overall experience At the moment, it’s quite interesting & challenging role for me.
Leadership qualities
Apart from the required technical skills, a leader is required to good administration skills as well. It’s very important for any leader to have a balanced personality, a good mix of qualification, experience, management skills such a planning, implementation and execution. Planning is key element of any task to execute. Other important skills are clear communication, participative management style, transparency, empowerment & good decision maker. I highly believe in saying that- “True leaders creates more leaders” by delegating and empowering their team members.
Handling Grievances
Any issue relating to Manpower, needs to dealt by having patient listening, understanding the real cause of grievance and than suggesting the practical solution to the same. Paying attendance to the employee and listening to the issue, it resolves half of the problem.
Important career decisions
Well, I must share that I am quite fortunate to have a good professional path. I had worked for various company-rights from MNC, offshore company, oil-field chemical co. to utility company as well. I expertise in getting up the department/function/building team/formulating policies and procedures for the company. My professional journey of almost 20 yrs has been wonderful experience in itself. I have started my career as Audit Executive in Voltas India Limited and now I am designated as Finance Director of Bahrain District Cooling Company.
Managing personal and professional life
As said balanced life keeping in mind both personal and professional role. Human is err…..and mistakes are un-evitable. The focus should be learning lesson out of mistakes and not to repeat them. I am firm follower on self-analysis process wherein on each day, have few minutes to analysis the day activity and evaluate what went wrong during the day and how can it be improved. • To be the first step is realizing mistake (implicit or explicit). Unless one does not release, one cannot move forward with solution. • Next step to work on instant solution (depending upon the situation) to have control over the critical situation. • Then, to work or agree on permanent solution in order to avoid repetition. The idea is to consider mistake as an opportunity or trigger point to start thinking on better ways of working or behaving in order to better future.
My advice
My sincere advice to all the upcoming management leaders would be to be more rational and have balance approach in life-both professional as well as personal. I personally believe that leaders can be created, especially in the rapidly growing world. There are lots of resources, avenues available to enrich self, hence make the best use of it to become a good leader. To me, planning, time management, communication, attitude towards people, logic thought process & hard work are the key element of any leader. I also believe that the above qualities cannot be bought or obtained in a limited time; it goes and grows along with age. But, it’s very important to start learning and developing these skills right from the childhood. As they say- Old habits die hard, so why not develop good and positive habits which would remains with self forever. Again, I would like to add here that- it’s never too late as well. Every single day, one learns and experience new thing in life and this journey of learning never stops until one breathes. So, be open and receptive to learn out of every interaction, every action and every soul (good or bad)……it’s worth experiencing it…….
Family background
I am fortunate to be a part of a very cultural & close netted family, where love, respect, discipline, family values and image flows in blood. I came from middle class family of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India-deeply into cloth business for almost a decade. I am a small part of big family of three sisters and three brothers. My father expired almost 25 yrs back due to accidental death; He was the main person to imbibe the importance of family values. My mother, though she is not educated but is highly literate and have always encouraged us to have good education. My eldest brother has been our true guardian by supporting us and encouraging us to stand of our own. All brothers and sisters have always supported and encouraged me a lot. Currently, I work and live in Kingdom of Bahrain with my family-a very supportive and caring wife, Shalu is MA in economics, was involved with her own business-fashion boutique. My daughter-Niharika, she is 14 yrs old, inspires to become Chartered Accountant, creativity is her passion. My Son-Devansh, he is 11 years old, his dream is to become scientist, and he is a perfect techie savvy. My family is my biggest critics and feels proud of being “Mr. Perfect”.
My views on India Technical development
I guess we are catching up, but at the same time must admit that we are far behind than other countries. In my opinion- - First, biggest drawback in late start in technical sector. Inspite of good talent, we have been follower instead of being initiators. - Secondly, the packaging and proper marketing-the presentation has always been very poor to market the product. -Thirdly, lack of support from the government and hence there have been lot of brain drain. -Last but not the least, our bureutical and political set up country, its lack of common mission and vision, everyone wants to work for their own personal interest instead of common mission & vision.
Influenced by
Many people have influenced me a lot; I have learnt lots of things from various people in life. I enjoy meeting and interacting people. I am very fortunate to have good family, friends and well wishers around me. I am quite impressed with various bosses with whom I have worked and learnt a lot.
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