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Juwal Bose

Juwal Bose

Creative Head / Director
Csharks Games And Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Juwal Bose's Experience
Creative head / Director
Csharks Games And Solutions Pvt Ltd, Kochi
Juwal Bose's Education
B Tech
College of Engineering Chengannur
Ensuring Growth
I believe that statements are not made by mouth but via actions. I try to set examples through the work I do, hence I believe that my talented employees find themselves challenged to excel. I keep myself updated within my tech expertise daily by following experts & tech news online. I try to get to know the experts personally & challenge myself to be conditioned enough to communicate with them at the standard they expect. I also make sure that we as a gaming company give primary focus to creativity & provide the creative freedom to our talent. We make sure that work does not affect the personal lives of any employee. We discourage staying late for work, taking work home or very tight deadlines & follow a 5 day week with strict 9 to 6 working hours per day. I believe these work ethics have helped our employees respect our decisions & look up to us as some one who cares for them.
Current Job description
Currently I am Director & Creative Head at Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt Ltd. Me along with the Managing Director, Mr. Eldhose P Mathew act as the decision makers wearing many hats as and when needed. I am responsible for investigating & exploring new technologies related to gaming, integrating those to our development pipeline, making sure that our resources feel it as easy as possible to expand their skills. I am part of the team meeting with clients & investors and also an integral part of the decision making process directly relating to the direction the company takes. I am also actively working on complicated client projects which require special attention or are on a tighter deadline. I am in charge of training new recruits in game development including Flash, Android & IOS streams.
Leadership qualities
I believe that there is no shortcut to success unless you turn out to be very lucky or have the right contacts at start. Experience has taught me that 'Fortune favors the brave'. If you are determined to get something, work hard at it with a solid vision, there is no stopping you. A door will always be miraculously open for you when a dozen closes. I won't attribute this to God or divine intervention, but probably there is a grace which helps out the hardworking & determined person. Never stop trying as perseverance is probably the most important tack for success. One needs to have their aim set as early as possible. Find the right mentors & network a lot. Networking & creating contacts is most important. Let people know about yourself and focus on being the best within your expertise. I am active in tech forums & social media relevant to the technologies I work with and am an active speaker at tech events.
My advice
Do focus in the growth of each talent / employee as they form the foundation. Set realistic milestones & deadlines & make sure they get appreciated for the effort they have put in. Never micromanage, delegate & empower lower tiers. Always set examples through actions, convey a strong decision making skill. Focus on fine tuning yourself to be the best in the domain. And of course network a lot.
Important career decisions
I stuck with my decision to put my talent to good use, follow a passion even when it sounded outrageous. I used to draw, write books, etc; naturally had a creative alignment & wanted to do something where most of those talents are put to use. I also wanted to be a provider, the satisfaction received when empowering couple of dozen families out of own enterprise is unparallelled. The decision to stick on through thick & thin was most important. Ironically I had to deny lucrative offers from some very prestigious companies in gaming even when it would have enabled me to put my talents to even better use, but being a provider is a priority.
Handling Grievances
We would try to address those issues at a personal level, although many management books won't recommend it. Our senior staff enjoy the freedom to approach us with any of their issues & we have always went out of the way to help them out. Truth be told, there were not many circumstances which had demanded our attention. There is a team meeting & feedback system in place which makes sure any issues are promptly addressed.
Managing personal and professional life
We all make mistakes & I have made my share, I won't shy away from making more mistakes too. We learn important lessons via mistakes & hopefully never repeat the same. I don't believe that there is a mantra to avoid mistakes, but we should never be stupid to make obvious mistakes. For me reading a lot, both online & offline, has helped tremendously in understanding, analyzing & making an informed decision. People management is very important for any leader, so networking, reading & exploring different cultures comes handy. Although I won't consider myself a people person, I certainly believe that I can understand the people I interact with, what drives them, their priorities & real concerns. Reading about real experiences helps a lot.
Influenced by
The interesting thing is that there is no role model for me, not yet. I have adapted certain aspects from different people in my life & purposefully filtered out everything else. For me the 2 important things that shaped me would be my education at Jawahar Navodaya residential school & my voracious appetite for reading. My schooling was residential from class 6, hence forced me to take decisions of my own, be independent & be responsible for my actions & its consequences. I used to be the monitor & lead for a lot of activities & very active in co curricular activities as well. I would like to thank a few highly dedicated teachers from Navodaya Vidhyalaya Neriamangalam who have mentored me & helped me feel special. But truth be told, I had lost my way after schooling. Thanks to my close friends & the original founders of Csharks Games for providing the support at that time.
Family background
I am a native of Kothamangalam, Kochi, Kerala & we have our main office there now. My father is a bank employee & mother a govt employee, no background in business for our family line. My brother is currently pursuing MBA after his BTech in computer science. My parents have always given priority to education & pushed me to excel, but they used to be skeptical about my turning an entrepreneur. My wife has a Doctorate in Bio technology & is working as a Lecturer / Researcher
My views on India Technical development
Indians some how lost the innovation bone on the way. We are exceptional in pulling off alternate solutions to a problem, but finding the first solution has never happened. There are more than enough problems around which needs addressing, but our tech talent is more concerned on making a better living rather than enterprising. We need to focus on student pool, make them realize the larger picture, nurture new ideas, new solutions to serious issues. Just landing a job should not be their primary objective in life. Also we should purposefully spread the news about the few enterprising individuals & companies who are doing great work. India should move out from being just the Outsourcing center to a creation powerhouse. The Govt also needs to put effort, start helping out new entrepreneurs & ventures. Currently it is a nightmare to start a venture in most states in India.
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