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Arun R Yadwad

Arun R Yadwad

Delivery Manager
Professional Access Software Development Pvt Ltd. Bangalore
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Arun R Yadwad's Experience
Project Mgr-IT/ Software
Professional Access Software Development Pvt Ltd. Bangalore, Bangalore, INDIA
Arun R Yadwad's Education
Bachelor Degree
Karnataka university
Current job profile
I am an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in the Industry. I am with Mindtree Limited, Bangalore since 5 years and currently playing the role of a Delivery Manager, working for one of the large customers. I am a very passionate and dedicated project and program management professional and a person with a bright outlook towards life in general.
Leadership qualities
There are many skills required to be a good and successful leader. I feel people management is the most essential skill because any initiative or program is completed successfully only when you have a great team with you. A leader cannot deliver it alone.
A leader has the responsibility to build such great and high performing teams. He needs to groom, direct, coach and mentor his team. I emphasize on people management skills because be it your team members, peers, managers or customers, everyone comes with a unique style, attitude and approach.
It is the ability of a leader to be able to communicate with all these people seamlessly, keeping in mind the larger interests of institution he belongs to and meet the objectives of any initiative.
Ensuring growth
Leadership is a very broad term. Every situation demands a different kind of leadership skill so as to successfully manage it. That itself says a leader has to continuously learn and grow.
I do consciously study everyone I come across in my personal and professional life and try to identify and implement their positive treats & characters in my career and life. I read a lot peoples achievements and their lives irrespective of their field, domain etc.
At the end of the day, we are not born as a great personality. We grow with every day because of the support we get from our family, culture, education and people around us.
But for that a leader needs to open up to the people around him and willing to learn from them.
My advice
Leadership is not a fancy word; it is the responsibility and commitment to the institution you belong to. Do never forget that.
You need to have a strong mindset to embrace changes, challenges and people around you and yet bring in the change and make a difference to the system you are in.
You need to believe in yourself to make any influence on the system and inspire others.
Have courage to speak up in what you believe is right.
Play to your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses.
Be human and considerate with the people you work.
Never excuse yourself from seeking feedback, because that is the best tool for you to grow in life. Most of the times you get it freely! Please utilize it.
Having said that, you will never have a day in life where you can say “Now I am a 100% grown up leader! “. It is a continuous yet fascinating and an endless journey. Enjoy it!
Doing things right
There is no perfect recipe for not making mistakes in life. No one gets it right first time or all the time. I do commit mistakes and have gone through failures. But the only way I have changed is the way I look at my failures and mistakes and learn from them. I don’t shy away from failing. Failure is one more opportunity to get it right!
When I am doing something new, I go with a most positive note, expecting something positive to come out of it, giving fair chance to everyone to present themselves. I ensure that the same positive message goes across to it. I try to be true to the situation and myself. I give my best to achieve the desired outcome.
Influenced by
I feel my childhood especially the time between 6 to 16 years of my life has influenced me a lot in almost every phase of life. I grew up in my mother’s native place where I studied there until 10th class before joining my parents at district place for college.
My grandpa had a newspaper stall where we used to get newspapers, magazines in Kannada, English and Marathi. I used to work there as newspaper boy and assist my grandpa and uncle (Mothers brother) in this business right from my 2nd class.
Those 10 years were defining years of life which exposed to me basics of life like dedication, hard work, analytical skills and social awareness (I used to read all the newspapers and magazines always!). I have never been a great student, but used to be in top three always in school.
The period of working early in life has taught me many a good things. I never hover around positivity or negativity and have always realistic view towards life.
Handling grievance
Firstly I try to understand the grievance/concern completely and see whether it is actually an issue caused by system or a misunderstanding or lack of awareness on policies or not having right perspective from employee side. I try to imagine myself in hisher situation. Accordingly I will advise on the steps ahead. I empathize with himher and provide complete support in resolving and taking the issue to logical closure.
Important career decision
I have tried to revisit my journey at regular intervals to see if I am on the track. This was more to ensure I am doing something I love and I can give my best there.
I started off as an Electronics Engineer in Telecom domain, but realized in 2 years that this is not my field and switched to IT field. After few years in IT, I developed affinity towards management and switched to such roles. I am satisfied with the way my career has shaped up.
Having said that I still feel change is a continuous process in today’s competitive world and we need to realize that and make next move. We are bound to make mistakes while doing so, but at the end of the day, everything is not taught in class rooms, sometimes we need to learn from our mistakes too!
My view on India technological development
I feel we lack having right innovative mindset, dreaming big, risk taking ability, thinking beyond and getting right investments. But I would not like to blame ourselves for these reasons. There are various others factors like our own economic status, our history and culture.
Future looks upbeat as we are seeing many collaborative efforts happening across countries. Today an Indian company acquiring another company in USA is quite a reality.
But we are still having many revenue models based on strong service based strategies. This needs to change over time. Sustained investments and encouragement from corporate and government institutions, a proactive system, investment friendly policies and strong collaboration between corporate and educational institutions are the need of the hour. I think we need to focus our efforts in this direction.
Family background
I am married to Tejaswini for 14 years and settled in Bangalore. She is also an engineer and teaches Mechanical Engineering subjects. We have two wonderful kids
Anushree (12) and Chirag (6).
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